What does “hybrid ” mean when it comes to identity? If you’ve watched vendors closely, you’d probably believe that hybrid is just another way of saying either/or. You either prioritised the ability to build resilience, cut costs, and increase productivity by working in the cloud, or you tried to maximise the value from the on-premises resources you already had, maintain existing systems, and empower in-office end-users.

What’s worse, it was nearly impossible for CISOs and CTOs to re-visit that choice. If the organisation’s needs changed, they’d either have to rip and replace whatever solutions were already in place and pull a 180 on users, or they’d have to tack on point solutions on a case-by-case basis. More either/or choices leading to more sunk costs, wasted effort, and less value.

With digital assets spanning increasingly complex IT environments, either/or just isn’t good enough. Hybrid shouldn’t be a choice between two bad options. Today, a hybrid identity solution should be more than the sum of its parts. Today, hybrid needs to mean both/and.

The best of both worlds: going hybrid

Today, organisations need true cloud identity solutions like ID Plus—the cloud identity platform that allows organizations to do both/and.

ID Plus allows businesses to maintain key on-premises resources even as they migrate to the cloud at their own pace. The open, extensible platform:

  • Allows organisations to move to the cloud based on their specific needs, timing, and strategy
  • Guarantees 99.95% reliability
  • Provides dashboards and reporting features designed to streamline the admin experience
  • Establishes a foundation for zero trust by using industry-leading multi-factor authentication (MFA) to verify users, risk-based authentication, and identity governance and administration
  • Simplifies user experience with MFA and single sign-on (SSO) in the cloud
Plan your journey

Moving from on-premises to hybrid cloud doesn’t need to be daunting.  Here’s how we help plan and execute customers’ cloud journeys:

  • We guide our customers through infrastructure changes to minimise disruption.
  • We understand that redundancy is important to our customers, and facilitate on-premise capabilities when facing a cloud outage. Offline authentication allows users to work from anywhere at any time, ensuring the utmost productivity regardless of network availability.
  • We provide hybrid workers with passwordless authentication options, self-service capabilities, and enhancements like single sign-on ingrained into the end-user’s daily routine.
The right plan for you

Because every organisation moves to the cloud at their own pace, we suggest plans that provide comprehensive hybrid IAM solutions.

Every cloud journey is different.  How are you faring?