The number of remote workers and those seeking to work flexibly continues to rise. With 3.7 million employees now working remotely, it’s clear the working environment is changing. Are you worried about getting left behind without a modern workplace? We know a thing or two about managing remote workers. So, let us tell you our secret to successfully managing remote workers – Microsoft 365.

Think of Microsoft 365 as your one-stop-shop for creating a modern workplace – allowing employees to work from any location, worry-free from any threats. So, here’s a breakdown of our five top tips to managing remote workers with Microsoft 365.

1. Around the clock accessibility

The first step to successfully implementing remote working is giving employees the access they need to work as normal.

With Microsoft 365 in place, accessing vital documents has never been easier. Your employees will have access to OneDrive – an online storage platform allowing you to save files and then access them anywhere on any device. Simple.

But what about shared company files? That’s what SharePoint’s for. It’s a web-based collaborative platform that’s a part of Microsoft 365. SharePoint allows employees to:

  • Share and manage content, knowledge and applications
  • Quickly find information
  • Seamlessly collaborate across the organisation

2. Work together when everyone’s apart

You don’t have to be sat next to someone to work with them anymore. One of the perks of Microsoft 365 is having access to all Office 365 products and their benefits – including Word, PowerPoint, Excel plus many more! You’ll have the ability to share and collaborate with co-workers on documents in real time. Whether you’re putting together a proposal, presentation or project plan, you’ll be able to work on it together. These products allow employees to collaborate on work together, even if they’re halfway around the world.

3. A secure workplace is a happy workplace

To make remote working work, it must be safe and flexible. Organisations need to have the correct software and security in place to keep employees and company data protected. The threat landscape’s evolving and staying protected from threats can be challenging – especially when half of your workforce work remotely.

But don’t worry. Microsoft 365 has got you covered. When you purchase Microsoft 365, you’ll have instant access to a range of security features you can enable, including:

  • Advanced Threat Protection: keep your files, emails and Office 365 products protected against attacks.
  • Windows Defender: keep your Windows computer protected against adware, spyware and viruses.
  • Mobile device management: securely manage employee’s mobile devices. You can manage security policies, wipe a device and view device reports.
  • Secure Score: you can find out how secure your organisation truly is in Office 365. View recommendations based on your activities and security settings.

4. Communication is key

Communication is key. And remote working shouldn’t affect this. Many businesses worry about a lack of communication once they allow employees to work remotely. But, let us put your worries to rest.

Microsoft 365 opens your business up to different communication channels, including; Skype, Teams and Yammer. These three tools will allow you to carry on with regular communications. Have your morning catch-ups with a video conference on Skype, keep your team aligned with a group chat in Teams and pass on those vital company announcements through Yammer. Make employees feel like they’ve never left the office.

5. Break your bad habits

When 5 O’clock hits, do you often sit and wonder what you did today? With MyAnalytics, employees can see a summary of how they’ve spent their time, giving them an insight to:

  • Meeting hours
  • Time spent on emails
  • How many focus hours you had
  • Time spent on chats and calls
  • The documents worked on
  • After hours work

From this information, MyAnalytics will provide employees with suggestions on how they can improve their working habits at home – whether it’s reducing unproductive meetings or getting a better work/life balance. Work smarter, not harder and start building better work habits with MyAnalytics.

So, there you have it. Our five tips for successfully managing remote workers. If you’re thinking of implementing remote working or wanting to adopt the latest technologies, then we highly recommend rolling out Microsoft 365.

For support and guidance on this transition, or to discuss what it would take for your company to adopt a remote working environment through Microsoft 365.

Beth Dunster – CloudDirect